Journey that never ends

Journey that never ends
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mistake is the Lesson

It is important to learn from the mistake and try to apply the lesson so that you don't repeat it again. Some people say if you do it wrong, then it is forgivable; if it is more than two times, then it could become the habit or intentional and it is hard to let go or forgive for the people at the other ends.

One time on a nice Sunday morning, I was on my way from my morning breakfast and as my friend was driving the car, we stopped at the traffic light. Kids selling jasmine flower bunch came around to sell for me. It was 2500R per bunch and when i gave him 1 USD, which he needed to change 1500R back to me, but the light was green and the vehicle got to be moving. He cheated by walking away from the car. I was furious. I was feeling sorry for him that was the reason why i bought his flower and he cheated me and sell a bunch for 1$. Because of this, i got into a fight with my friend in the car. I swear that I will never buy the flower from those people sell on the street any more. Today, for the first time in more than three months, my car smells the jasmine flower again. I didn't buy it. But my same friend who was in the car with me wanted to buy it from a disable man who sold near traffic light. I mentioned to her that i stopped buying for over three months due to the fight inflated by this. She didn't comment. But instead, she said that it is important that when we bought the flower at such place, we have exact money to give. So that is the lesson to learn from: when you want to buy the flower from the seller along the road, have the exact money to give as price.

One time, i was advise that we see the world from where we stand. So:
A. If we want to avoid conflict and wish to live in harmony, we will give the exact amount of money when we buy flower from seller along the road, we

B. If we want to treat people as equal and demand honesty and treatment, we expect no matter what note we give out, the seller will only take the cost of the flower and give back the change.

C. If we don't want to support child labour, then we don't buy any flower from those kids.

D. If we appreciate that these people at least do their work, making a living by buying and selling flower to people, then we will help their business to grow by buying and paying for the amount we and they agreed on.

The daily interaction is such a simple one. But many of the time, people turns it complicated due to time pressure, poor quality, greed, not value, dishonesty or low responsibility. Is it a high expectation to have people keep up to what they promise they would deliver or do?

Cambodia is a fast growing country. While the living standard is improving so rapidly, too rapid sometime in my view, the general education, the attitude and behaviour of people is not yet reach to the level. We need both economic, social and behavioural grow to be at similar pace and for that to happen, citizen needs to prepare to change what previous practice they used to do.


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